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Book: The Crystal Bird by Helen DraytonReviewer: Margaret FechtmannThe Crystal Bird by Helen Drayton spans three distinct time periods over 500 years in the Rift Valley of northeast Africa, an area considered by scientists to be the genetic birthplace of the human race.The Crystal Bird begins in 1450, where we are introduced to Mbtani Djedkare, the warrior leader who is a descendent of generations of great Massai chieftains.  The story begins as ruthless slave traders viciously capture many of the tribal peoples and hoard them onto slave ships.  Heroically, a small group of the elite warriors execute a counter-attack on the merciless traders and free some of the captured tribe.  But sadly, many have been killed or taken on ships that left before this revengeful battle.The book cover of The Crystal Bird.Mbtani leads a tribe of 250 men and woman warriors high up the majestic mountain for their safety.  Upon reaching the summit, they hear a strange,Cheap Jerseys Online, low whistle.  As the clouds engulf them,Cheap Jerseys From China, they cross over into a hauntingly beautiful place,China Jerseys Cheap, Ashaise, the Land of the Crystal Bird.  It was Drayton’s vividly beautiful description of Ashaise that conjured up images of Pandora, the land that is portrayed in James Cameron’s 2009 hit movie ‘Avatar’.  Interestingly, the Sanskrit noun “avatara” is derived from the verbal root “to cross over”.As we move forward 200 years, there once again is the warning in the long,Cheap Jerseys Store, low whistle, the whistle of the Crystal Birds.  King Kepi, leader of the kingdom of Amara, stages an attack the Ashaise people.  The Ashais triumph and it is a descendant of Mbtani, the warrior king that first led his peoples to Ashaise in 1450, that assumes the role of the new leader.Drayton then brings us forward to 1999, where a team of American scientists is exploring the Rift Valley to study ancient cultures of Africa.   We are introduced to Allan Michael Cline, a 7-foot tall archaeologist who leads the team.  Allan and the team find themselves seeking refuge from the storms of Kilimanjaro in sheltered caves.  On these cave walls they uncover detailed depictions of ancient African life. There is a labyrinth of tunnels and being good archaeologists who always probe further once they unearth such rarities, they keep going deeper into the network of tunnels.  The victorious battle of the Masai warriors against the invading slavers, and their subsequent flight up Kilimanjaro,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, are depicted in the reliefs.  A piece of the human story emerged in these caves that could fill a gap in information about ancient civilizations and rewrite history.And as had happened to Mbtani and his tribe some 500 years before, thick rolling clouds engulf Allan and the team of scientists and they too descend into the land of Ashaise.Quickly, a strong bond develops between Ashaise’s King Meleke and Allan. The King thought the stranger held a resemblance to the revered ancestor, Mbtani.  And, as Drayton writes,… “The calling Allen heard was far louder than the call of the archaeologist part of him.  It came from a space wanting to be filled from deep within his tribal self”.  A bond of the heart also develops between Allan and King Meleke’s daughter, Jiena.  Like the Avatar characters Jake Scully and Neytiri, they have become star-crossed lovers.With differing motives, the team is growing anxious to leave.  While the Ashais believe the expedition was sincere and know they came to Ashaise by accident, it is in their minds that outsiders are likely to be traitors because that is their history.  But this departure will be a one-way trip, and they know they will never return again.  The team departs with mixed emotions.  They are torn between their responsibilities as scientists of a new truth they should reveal, and the personal responsibility of respect and reverence for the newly discovered world.But Princess Jiena pleads with her father King Meleke, “We are descendents of those the Sun God brought here.  Allan came with the sun, and he can be one of us.  We cannot be certain but he may be the great son of our long lost ancestor.”Convinced, the King commands, “Go find him.  Whatever it takes to bring our son back to us.”And in the end of The Crystal Bird, Allan Michael Cline,Jerseys Wholesale, a descendent of the great King Mbtani, returns to Ashaise, to his people and to his love, Jiena.The Crystal Bird is a highly enjoyable novel. It is filled with history, adventure, love and intrigue.  Drayton dares to expose the choice of proclaiming scientific discovery and truly respecting personal values.  This is a captivating story.Margaret Fechtmann writes for Dr Glenville Ashby’s Literary ServicesFeedback: [email protected] or follow him on [email protected]The Crystal Bird by Helen Drayton, 2013Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing PlatformISBN: 10: 1475225075Available: Amazon.comRating: Recommended

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