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People’s Progressive PartyThe People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends Younam Nabi Greetings to the entire Muslim community in Guyana.Youman Nabi is celebrated throughout the Muslim world in observance of the birth and death anniversary of the Prophet Mohamed( PBUH) who is regarded by Muslims as the last and final prophet of God.This is indeed a good occasion to reflect on the life and teachings of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) who continue to inspire millions of people throughout the world.There can be no doubt that not only Muslims but humanity as a whole have benefited from the great teachings of the Prophet with his universal message of peace and brotherhood.As we reflect on this significant occasion we can take pride in the fact that we in Guyana enjoy religious tolerance and complete freedom of worship which cannot be said of several countries in the world where there is religious persecution and harassment of those who embrace religious beliefs that is different from what is considered dominant.The PPP calls on all Guyanese to embrace the virtues of peace, unity and brotherhood which is central to the teachings and beliefs of the Prophet Mohamed(PBUH).Once again, happy Younam Nabi greetings to all our Muslim brothers and sisters.YOUMAN NABI 2014 MESSAGE FROM MADAME DEOLATCHMEE RAMOTAR, FIRST LADY OF GUYANAI am pleased to extend to all Guyana but especially to all Muslim Brothers and Sisters, joyous and holy greetings on the occasion of Youman Nabi. On this special day, a public holiday in our country, Muslims commemorate the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace). The Holy Prophet (On Whom Be Peace) holds a revered and reserved place in the lives and consciences of Muslims. His teachings and his example continue to inspire and direct the lives of all believers. The rapid growth of Islam in recent times attest to the continued relevance of the teachings of this great religion and the tremendous impact the Holy Prophet Mohammed has had in distilling its truths and virtues to humanity.As Muslims throughout Guyana observe  Youman Nabi- The day of the Prophet- I wish to encourage them to reflect deeply and profoundly on his teachings and on example of his life, the quintessence of which is engraved with courage, humility, kindness and absolute and unconditional devotion to Allah.May we all take example from the life of the Holy Prophet! May we all aspire to live our own lives with the same wholesome submission and obedience to God as did the Prophet Mohamed (On Whom Be Peace).Happy Youman NabiPNCR MESSAGE ON THE OCCASION ON YOUMAN NABIThe People’s National Congress Reform extends Youman Nabi Greetings not only to our Muslim brothers and sisters but to all Guyanese.Youman Nabi or Mawlid al-Nabi or Eid-e-Milad, fixed at the 12th day of the month of Rabi al-Awwal in the Muslim calendar, is a celebration of the Birth Anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The day is marked by sermons, recitation of litanies,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, honouring of religious dignitaries, gift giving, and a feast. The occasion also serves as a reminder that whatever trials and tribulations we face, the prophet of God faced even greater and yet he never allowed anger and hatred to determine his actions.The Party takes particular note of the fact that the Holy Prophet Muhammed has left a legacy of a religion that is universal in scope and purpose, which promotes an end to human suffering, disease and poverty. More particularly this legacy is consistent with the promotion of peace and harmony in our country and the rest of the world.This legacy is important not only for the spiritual development of this nation but also for its commitment to ending disease, poverty and backwardness and the promotion of harmony in Guyana. Guyanese can benefit from this legacy by using it as an instrument not only for the promotion of understanding among our various ethnic groups but also and more importantly for bringing a healing touch to the dilemmas and challenges which afflict the nation at the present time. The PNCR is referring in particular to the spiraling drug culture, the scourge of violence and the spate of brutal murders, a situation which has scarred the social landscape and has earned us a certain degree of regional and international disrepute.The PNCR, therefore, wishes to suggest to the nation that as we reflect on the significance of the birth of the Holy Prophet we take to heart the message and lessons of the doctrines of this great religion and use them as important instruments for improving our society in such a way that we can begin to see the end of the vicious cycle of violence and witness the creations of conditions for racial harmony,Cheap Jerseys Online, peace and the real development in Guyana.The Alliance For ChangeThe Alliance For Change extends greetings to our Muslim brothers and sisters on the occasion of Youman Nabi,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, the observance of the Birth Anniversary of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Unto Him).The teachings,Cheap Jerseys China, life and work of the Prophet are examples that millions around the world have followed faithfully and rewardingly and one that all Guyanese can emulate. The Prophet’s commitment to the poor, widows and orphans, truth and justice are lessons which are relevant today as they were during the time of life of the Prophet.At a time when our women are being slaughtered and abused, we can do well to emulate the examples of Prophet Muhammed in honouring our womenfolk. His humility and passion for justice remain relevant in a country where justice seem to be out of reach for so many.As we strive to promote unity amongst ourselves and promote peace in our land, we must also find the courage to accept  and respect  each other’s cultures and religions to strengthen the fabric of our own nation.The AFC hails the prophet Muhammad’s life as an example of devotion, love, and sacrifice and urges our brothers and sisters, whether they are believers or not, to join in celebrating the birth of this Prophet whose teachings will live on forever as a shining example of how to live with oneself, and with each other.Eid MubarakIAC Youman Nabi MessageThe Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) wishes to extend greetings to all Guyanese especially those who are adherents of Islam, on the occasion of Youman Nabi, a national holiday, which commemorates the birth of (and the death) the Holy Prophet Muhammad (On Whom Be Peace).The IAC recognises that followers of Islam were present in this country since the days of slavery, as many of the enslaved Africans were Muslims.The IAC also recognises that new influxs of muslims to this occurred during the period of indentureship, as approximately one out of every five east Indian immigrants was a follower of the teachings of Holy Prophet Muhammad (Whom Peace Be Upon).The IAC calls upon all Guyanese to remember the moral pathways outlined by the Holy Phophet Muhammad (Whom Peace Be Upon) in which he called upon all mankind to the way of peace and to the belief in supreme being, and thus reminded them of the importance of principles such as faith, repentance, honesty, simplicity, equality and concerned for the dispossessed and the poor.The IAC, in this significant commemoration of one who arguably is the greatest human who ever lived and who preached the value of love, sacrifice and compassion, to be positively influenced, so that our every day interactions with each other, irrespective of Ethnic religious and class origins.The IAC is therefore pleased to join with Muslims here and worldwide to observe this auspicious day, and urge that special prayers be offered for peace, so that our country can move forward with prosperity.YAUM-UN NABI (EID MILAD-UN-NABI) MESSAGE FROM IRO OF GUYANAYaum-un-Nabi Literally mean “Prophet’s Day” it is also referred as   Eid Milad-un-Nabi or Known as Mawlid-un-Nabi, which is the celebration to commemorate the birth anniversary of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing of Allah be upon him) it is celebrated on the 12th of third month of Islamic Calendar Rabi-ul-Awal. From the point of view of Muslims, this date marks the most important event in the history of world, MuhammadPeace and Blessing of Allah be upon him, is regarded as the chief of the Prophets, the Perfect man on whom the Holy Quran was revealed ,the best exemplar and the greatest benefactor of mankind. He is the person for whom God had proclaimed:“Allah and His angels send blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! you also should invoke blessings on him and salute him with the salutation of peace. [33:57]Celebration:The extent of event, on this occasion is restricted because of the fact that the same day marks his death anniversary.On this occasion therefore public meeting are held in the mosques, where religious leader make speeches on the different aspects of the life of this great man. The stories of the Prophets birth, childhood, youth and Adult life,cheap jerseys paypal, character, teaching, suffering and forgiveness of even his most bitter enemies, his fortitude in the face of General Opposition, Leadership in the battles , bravery wisdom, preaching of his final triumph through God ‘s Mercy over the hearts of people, are narrated in detail.Salutation and song in his praise are recited. In some countries, streets, mosques and public buildings are decorated with colorful buntings and pennants and well illuminated at night. Devoted Muslims give large sum to charity. Feasts are arranged and rice and meat dishes are served to the guest and also distributed among the poor. In some cities large processions are also formed and people in jubilant mood chant verses in praise of the Holy Prophet.Some Muslims however do not celebrate as his birthday or death anniversary as they believe celebrating birthdays and death anniversaries is not part of Muslim society as such. They instead hold Seerat-un-Nabi meetings where speeches are made on the different aspect of the life of this the greatest benefactor of mankind.The Inter Religious Organization of Guyana  send greeting to all Guyanese and especially to Muslim community and urges the people to strengthen national unity by emulating the foot-steps of the Holy Prophet. Use the teachings of the Holy Prophet and rekindle our souls with the light lit by him.GAWU Youman Nabi Message 2014It is now beyond repute – and dispute – that the Islamic Prophet Mohamed, On Who Be Peace (OWBP), is one of mankind’s most seminal and life changing figures contributed to this world as we know it.The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) salutes Guyana’s Muslim community, including hundreds of its own members, on the occasion of the Birth of their Prophet – Youman Nabi.The celebration of a birth is always tinged with joy of hope, new beginnings, fresh starts and the advent of things to come. However, it is what actually transpires after a birth – that period until death – that we must concern ourselves with.The history of the Prophecy’s birthday is traced to around AD 570. First, observed during the thirteenth century, the earliest Muslims used up one whole month to do this. Later, it was the sound teachings and admonitions of Islam’s Founder which scholars and the faithful study to meaningfully observe his momentous birth.GAWU embraces the teachings of the Prophet (OWBP) with respect to the search for personal and universal peace. Recent conflicts illustrate that even the powerful cannot win hearts and minds, cannot change people’s preferences with the force of guns and bombs. As the Prophet (OWBP) teaches, humility and peaceful engagement is the way to understanding and mutual respect. If there is one precept the followers of Islam can perpetuate it is the pathway to peace.GAWU invites Guyanese Muslims to both disseminate and implement messages and techniques of peace. If peace is promoted and achieved – from the political and constitutional to the local and national – everything else our society needs can fall into place – increased production, security, investment, national well-being.May the celebration and worship on this glorious birthdayFITUG’s Youman Nabi Message 2014As Muslims around the world observe their Founder and Prophet’s Birth – Youman Nabi – the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) joins Islam’s Guyanese followers in celebrating the arrival of one of mankind’s Shapers of History and Spirituality.Youman Nabi’s son, the Prophet Mohamed, On Who Be Peace (OWBP), was to live and establish a global and universal religious movement now embraced by millions of mankind. On this Youman Nabi Birth Anniversary, FITUG joins in reflecting on those teachings of the Prophet (OWBP) having to do with peace, racial tolerance and wealth.Reportedly, the Prophet taught that “we are all one and the difference in our complexion, language and culture are only a sign from Allah and a means of knowing one another”.FITUG is certain that the Prophet (OWBP) would want his followers and all of humankind to behave in ways which stress all that is positive in all human beings. From racial prejudice to the use of wealth Prophet Mohamed (OWBP) utilised all his faculties – from Birth to Death – to teach messages of tolerance and co-existence – so necessary in today’s Guyana.May Youman Nabi inspire reflection and consequent demonstrations of the Founder’s teaching for Guyana and the World around us.MAYOR AND COUNCILLORS OF THE CITY OF GEORGETOWNYouman Nabi Message by His Worship the Mayor, Mr. Hamilton Green, J.P.On the occasion of Eid-e-Miladun Nabi (Youman Nabi), I would like to congratulate all Muslims on the birthday of the benefactor of humanity and the last Prophet Muhammad. “This day should attract all the Muslims and Non Muslims to make efforts to brighten our days and nights in the light of teachings of Prophet Muhammad.”On behalf of my wife Jennifer, the citizens of Georgetown and on my own behalf I would like to felicitate Muslims from around the world on this special occasion which is not only a day of happiness and blessings for the Muslims but also a day of respect for the entire humanity as the Holy Prophet was sent as a Mercy for people of all the world.I ask that all Guyanese display unity and solidarity by following the true spirit of the eternal message of the Holy Prophet. It is our duty to protect each other’s lives and property and eliminate every type of hatred and prejudice promoting the dignity of mankind.

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