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 Post subject: Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China How time flies
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Protect yourself at all times By Michael BenjaminMy, oh my! How time flies! It seems like only yesterday when family and friends were wishing each other ‘all the best for the season and every good wish for 2011.’ Now, one year on, as we enter into another period of peace and goodwill, Guyanese are reluctant to utter those words. One is hardly surprised since this nation goes to the polls, a period usually characterized by violence and acrimony as politicians jostle each for the requisite approval of the electorate to control the reins of power.The Floyd Mayweather sucker punch over Victor Ortiz pales in comparison to the vicious low blows and nasty exchanges as the politicians discredit their respective opponents to achieve the ultimate goal. In boxing, the general rule still applies that the challenger must win so decisively as to leave little or no doubt.His task is definitely more onerous than that of the champion. Boxing is about the organization of thoughts that precedes the action and the more superior thinker prevails; the same principle applies in battle for political power.Even as Mayweather delivers his sucker punch, so too has the incumbent president delivered a similar blow by suspending the broadcasting license of C N Sharma thus effectively crippling the opposition forces in the dispensation of their messages to their constituents.Officials of the Elections Commission act in the capacity of the referee and must call the low blows but like the ‘third man’ in the Mayweather/Ortiz bout, were conveniently looking the other way when the blow landed and now that the blow has been delivered, are quoting the statute which warns the combatants to ‘protect yourself at all times.’Despite the most copious adaptations, no civil group or political party could think up all of the requisite statutes to govern an election thus there must be a measure of goodwill among all of the players if only to eliminate the acrimony and contention. Alas, the battle for political power is so intense as to remove all expectations of fair play.While this may be so, one cannot eliminate the electorate and its analytical power which allows it to sift out the chaff from the wheat.In the early 50s before Guyana gained independence from the British, the PPP was ruled by the late President Cheddi Jagan who served as the Premier with Burnham as his deputy. Historical data reveals that the American government of that era was concerned that Jagan, a devout communist, would have led the country into independence under his communistic ideology.Unclassified CIA files documented the input of the American and British Government in undermining Jagan and the PPP from acceding to office which led to the ascension to office by the PNC. That party retained power until 1992 when Mr. Hoyte acceded to the presence of an observer mission led by former USA President, Jimmy Carter which saw a change of government.His infamous pronouncement ‘Let the chips fall where they may’ still resonates among his constituents.That the PPP administration benefited from PNC largesse through the positive spinoffs of Hoyte’s Economic Recovery Programme (ERP), goes without debate. One would expect that any newly installed government would apply different techniques towards nation building.However,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, while this is acceptable,Wholesale NFL Store, what are not are the radical changes to several policies and the total neglect of certain institutions simply because they represent the days of PNC rule. I speak of such institutions as the President’s College which is hardly up to standard with the initial projections.The arbitrary disbanding of the Guyana National Service certainly did not improve the feeling of acrimony of those considered to be apposite to a PNC ideology.That the government barged ahead with undue concern for the opposition’s constituency was foolhardy and was bound to solicit a response from those that felt that they were deprived of a fair share of the economic pie.The emergence of the phantom squad and the mass murders did nothing to abate the security tensions and when the name of the former Minister of Home Affairs, Ronald Gajraj surfaced, with a direct hand in the infamous phantom killings coupled with the government’s reluctance to broaden the terms of reference, it certainly did not endear the administrators to the hearts of the general population and certainly not those that were directly affected through the loss of family members.One cannot also totally disregard the droves of policemen who lost their lives during that horrific period.Ever since the parting of company between the founder leaders of the PNC and PPP, Forbes Burnham and Cheddi Jagan respectively, there has been dissension among the races with a large portion of the Africans gravitating to the former party and a similar portion to the latter.Whether by plan or design, the two major ethnic groups, the Africans and Indians, gravitated to their kin but the experts have cited such occurrences as a natural and even healthy response based on similarities of culture and general behavioral traits.It was only when those differences assumed dominant roles, festered by some politicians that saw the advantages that could be garnered from such divisiveness, that the problems surfaced and has now ballooned to uncontrollable proportions.With their constituency enjoying a distinct majority, the PPP politicians, who commanded the majority of the East Indian constituency, introduced the infamous Apaan jaat – adapting a kith and kin ideology–and used it to their advantage.While the strategy secured votes and kept the incumbency at the helm it ruptured the patriotic spirit on both sides of divide and festered hatred among the two major races until the situation spiraled out of control.The impending elections are touted to be the most definitive in the Guyanese history. Politicians from both sides of the divide have their guards up, the referee (elections commission,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, ethnic relations committee et al), have issued instructions but after ordering the parties to ‘box on’,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, the PPP, through its Information Minister, who is incidentally the President of this country, lashed out with a kidney blow that has floored the opposition.The Information Minister has cited C N Sharma for breach of his broadcast license and ordered him off the airwaves for four months, at least three of them after the elections.In one fell swoop, the incumbency has crippled their detractors, limiting their avenues of communication with their constituencies. Naturally,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the decree has triggered a response from the affected parties that has since issued an ultimatum for reinstatement or risk civil upheaval. They have identified the date when the President announces the date of the polls as the expiry of the ultimatum. The Elections Commission, the private sector and other influential parties, like the referee in the Mayweather/Ortiz shindig, have looked the other way while the incumbency delivered the sucker punch. The offending parties have filed an appeal with the public and the air is still as the time runs out.From the infamous jailbreak to the phantom squad to the massive floods, Guyanese have suffered immensely and are tired and weary. The disenchanted feelings have becomes infectious and the populace is divided; some are denouncing the impending elections while saying that their vote is of little consequence to a change of the status quo.It may be timely to advise those of this group that a vote given up is one more for the party you do not support.The muffled voices that denounced the racial segregation, nepotism, impartiality that sidelined them from participation in national affairs or debarred them from enjoying the resources of this country must now lift those voices to high heaven and make a strong statement at the impending polls.In a boxing match, a knockout removes all doubt. After studying the opponent over such a long period, the electorate would know that they have two choices; enter the fray devoid of pertinent adjustments to the terms of engagement, opt out of the fight or simply sign a new contract.And like the Mayweather/Ortiz bout the electorate may well be warned to keep a high guard and watch out for the (other) sucker punch.

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